TrendCrafters, LLC (TC) is a woman-owned, minority, and small business company that was established in 2017 under the visionary leadership of an organizational behavioral and Information Technology expert, who decades ago, identified and predicted that resource and management consultation will be one of the critical solutions for addressing the impact of disruptive and sustaining technologies on workforce relationships, business value proposition, and resultant market position for government and commercial business support.


TC is a forward-thinking company with the #1 goal of human creativity investment primed to transform, nurture, and engage innovation-focused workers as leaders to advance path-breaking innovations and achieve efficiencies, higher profitability, and unique market presence in any environment.

Our offerings provide the proactive human ingenuity needed to sustain the 4th industrial revolution and beyond.

CAGE CODE: 82Q06  DUNS:081015654  TAX ID:82-3489509


 541512   Computer Systems Design Services

 541990 Professional & Management Development Training

 611420   Computer Training

 518210   Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

 611630   Language School

 541930   Translation and Interpretation Services

 541611   Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

 541618   Other Management Consulting Services

 541690   Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

 541720   Research and Dev. in the Social Sciences and Humanities

 621112   Offices of Physicians & Mental Health Services

 423450   Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies Merchant wholesaler

 621399   Offices of All Other Miscellaneous Health Practitioners



TC’s field-tested and certified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in systems security and information assurance as in academia. Combined, we have well over 36+ years in the security industry experience in the following areas:

 Network Risk Assessments

 Penetration Testing

 Strategic Advisory Consulting

 Cloud Security Services

 Malware Forensic

 Cyber Reconnaissance

 Training

 Security Analysis


TC’s licensed and highly qualified experts are well proficient in ethical and accountability skills to provide business and educational verification & consulting services and the due diligence required to establish powerful business relationships and to thrive in existing and break into new markets:

 Market Entry

 Culture Coaching

 Business/Education Verification & Validation (Includes Due Diligence)

 Executive Coaching


TC’s core professionals and consultants are licensed and highly qualified with 36+ years of experience in a variety of project management consulting and staffing solutions that drive performance and operational efficiency in our client’s enterprises:

 Project Management and Execution

 Feasibility Studies, forecasting

 Compliance Management

 Training

 Risk Management

 Contract Administration and Management

 Operations Management


TC crafts an evolution of ever-ready razor-sharp minds as trail-blazers with unique capabilities and integrity in any business/organization who are willing to move that business/organization forward to limitless heights in any situation; whether in-country, contingency, internationally, etc. TC’s trained and certified students are student associates with the following principles:

 Believe that failure is not an option

 Able to think outside the box

 Are every ready and resilient in any situation

 Are optimistic, flexible, and open to growth

 Understand and align their goals to the overall business/organizational mission

 Hold excellence and leadership in high regard