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– “Information Resource Management is the planning, organization, development and control of the information and data in an organization and of the people, hardware, software and systems that produce the data and information” (Fox and Meyer, 1995).

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Information holds the power in today’s social media and technology-driven world. That is why the practice or lack thereof, of capturing, storing, management, and utilization of data, they say, can make or break companies. We saw and forecasted the trend over two decades ago and we stayed the course to ensure our services are high quality to satisfy customers, turning them into brand ambassadors companies in the global economy.

Investing Strategies
Investing Strategies

“A company’s success is as good as its sound data strategy and implementation.”

Owner & President, ICMC
  • 12th International Conference, Munich 2016
  • 2017 Public Finance Conference, Munich
  • 2nd Multidisciplinary Conference, New York 2016